Can Diabetics Drink SWORD and SHIELD?

Sword Performance products are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Sword Performance has always existed to support the needs of people who work hard. No matter if you are on a job site or at the gym, we are there with healthy hydration to help you push your boundaries. We build our hydration products on a foundation of physiological research and understanding to give your body the raw materials it needs to excel at your work (and nothing it doesn’t). For us, it is important that we support the needs of everyone who works hard, even and especially those with dietary sensitivities like diabetes.

To provide an option for individuals with diabetes and as part of a larger trend towards health-conscious shopping, many companies have released zero-calorie products which utilize artificial sweeteners to deliver a similar sweet taste to their main brands. Artificial sweeteners can make a drink taste good, but the body can’t use them for fuel, or anything beneficial. To us, this is an unacceptable compromise.

Our products, SWORD® and SHIELD®, do use real sugars from fruits and plants not only for taste, but to provide usable fuel for the body. The types of ingredients and the amounts used are specifically chosen to be useful to your body. We understand that for diabetics, this is a matter of great significance and we want to share some guidance about how people with diabetes can use Sword Performance products to help their bodies manage heat and reduce fatigue.

First, and importantly: It is a good general wellness and safety rule that all individuals with diabetes who are engaged in physically demanding activities should monitor their serum blood sugar (glucose) and adjust their diabetes treatment accordingly to avoid the risk of an increase in their blood sugar, or even worse, sudden decrease.

Additionally, given that every individual’s body is different, the total carbohydrate intake should be considered. Thus, we recommend that those individuals with diabetes need to consult with their primary care provider(PCP) before consuming any sports drinks or any nutritional supplement.

The good news is that all Sword Performance products can be used safely by individuals with diabetes alongside appropriate blood sugar monitoring and as a part of the treatment plan recommended by their PCP.  This means that the benefits of our Clean and Clear approach to hydration solutions are within reach: great tasting, naturally flavored hydration to support the body through hard work -- without artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Either SWORD, SHIELD, or water will be the right solution for hydration during hard work and exercise. Which one depends on the level of exertion, ambient temperature, and individual needs.

SWORD is a performance hydration beverage designed to support hard work in hot and/or physically demanding environments. SWORD contains higher levels of carbohydrate to provide fuel for the body over time and higher amounts of sodium electrolytes to maintain hydration, much like I.V. fluid. However, we still recommend that diabetic individuals monitor their blood sugar when consuming SWORD and engaging in any physically demanding activities.

People engaged in less physical jobs may not need the amount of carbohydrate SWORD provides. If this is the case, then we recommend SHIELD.

SHIELD is a low-calorie and low-sodium electrolyte beverage that utilizes small amounts of cane sugar and Rebaudioside-A (98% pure extract from the Stevia rebaudiana plant) to further enhance the natural flavor. SHIELD is ideal for people who are looking for a low-sugar, low-calorie, low-sodium electrolyte beverage with natural ingredients and a great taste.

For people seeking a true zero calorie option, we recommend water.

WATER. Water is a critical component to staying hydrated and contains no sugar, no calories, no carbohydrates and minimal electrolytes. Water is ideal for people who are watching their calorie intake and want to completely avoid sugar and/or added sodium. Water is the best choice for people with diabetes as it can be consumed freely and should have no significant impact on their blood sugar levels.

We are in the middle of a cultural shift. People have started focusing on what goes into their bodies and how to best protect and care for themselves. There’s an ever-growing culture of “label lookers” - people who read food and drink labels before consumption. These same people also take the time to learn about the ingredients that make up their favorite foods and drinks, and the effects those ingredients have on the human body. Education and transparency are foundational to the Sword Performance story and we’re proud to be a resource of information for you. 

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