The Case for Calories

People exercise for a lot of reasons. One reason we can't ignore is body image. People want to look and feel better. They want to be stronger, healthier, and more confident. Sword can help you achieve all of these.

Admittedly, it is a little counter-intuitive to consume calories when your goal is to lose weight. Eat less, exercise more. But, calories aren't the enemy. They're a training partner that can help you achieve your goals. You may use the product slightly differently than someone competing in an ultra-marathon, but many of the same rules apply.

How do you use Sword if you're spending an hour or less exercising in order to manage weight and maintain your health?

We recommend you drink a half bottle (~10 ounces) about 15 minutes before you start exercising. This gives time for Sword to be digested and absorbed, ready to be put to work the moment you start moving. During your workout, drink the rest of the bottle to thirst. When you run out, refill the bottle with water if you're still thirsty.

Sword helps you with your fitness and weight loss goals for these reasons:

Steady blood sugar
When you exercise, your body burns through its primary fuel source, carbohydrates, to keep you moving. If you exercise and aren't replacing the sugars your body is burning, your blood sugar dips. This is the famished feeling you have post-workout. This is also a reason why people often eat too much post-workout. If you consume calories via Sword during a workout, your blood sugar will maintain a more stable level, and you will feel less hungry afterwards.

Consistent fuel
With consistent fuel, you will be able to work harder. If you can increase the intensity and feel just as good during the workout, you will burn more calories and build strength. Sword maximizes your workout time.

In addition to fuel, Sword helps you stay hydrated. This is important for several reasons – including keeping you alive. Proper hydration is a key component of recovery. If you can recover more quickly, you can exercise more frequently. Frequency and intensity are two components in developing a habit that you can sustain over time. After all, it is no good if you lose a couple of pounds this week if it isn't sustainable.

This is the final installment in our Sword 101 series. Read about Room for Improvement in the Sports Drink next.

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