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As an athlete, you want to be really confident in your strategy, and a huge part of the marathon is the hydration, the fueling. So, I'm there toeing the line knowing that I have the best team and the best product out there. No one's going to beat my hydration strategy.

Jordan H.

I've been using SWORD for months now. Living in and training in Florida is brutal pretty much all year. Whether it's the 5am humidity or the evening heat. I have tried multiple sports drinks and never really felt hydrated.... until I came across SWORD. There are days I feel dehydrated before I even run. So, now I drink SWORD and feel relief almost instantly. It's my go to before and after every run and even in the day if I am feeling sluggish. Thankful I came across this product.

Lee R.

I consider myself a professional business athlete. I run a tree removal and landscape company and easily need to replenish over a gallon of fluid during a work day. Drinking SWORD is pleasant and surprisingly less sweet than most sports drinks. I have always steered clear of the fad drinks because I felt the sugar was too high. SWORD is perfect when I climb trees, lawn work , or anything physically demanding! It's everything I need to keep me hydrated and strong no matter the task. Trust these founders and their drink mixes to keep you going strong!

Nate S.

The Berry SWORD is my FAV! The taste is mild and doesn't overpower with sweetness. Just a hint of raspberry and strawberry. It's so refreshing!
The fact that they all provide fast hydration and help fight muscle cramping and fatigue while I'm strength training is of course the main reason I use SWORD. I am a true believer and use it daily. It never lets me down!

Amy W.