Introducing Sword 101

Scientists tend to be obsessive by nature. We certainly are. We sourced, mixed, tasted, tested, remixed, tested again, and did so for nearly two years with hundreds of athletes. We were dedicated to include only the ingredients essential to helping you work harder for longer. Not just dedicated. Let’s face it, we were obsessive.

To better understand the deciding factors behind our performance sports drink SWORD®, we've curated a series of blog posts. The goal will be to let you in on our thinking. What did we include in our original formula and why?

Overall we wanted to create something simple, naturally sourced, and easy to use. We each do different activities we love, and to do them more, we need endurance. So, the goal was simple, increase human endurance. Luckily with a Sports Medicine M.D. and a Muscle Physiology Ph.D. guiding the efforts, we knew we were headed in the right direction.

We will get into what makes our products so unique and how taste actually helps it work better for you.

You have probably heard that electrolytes are an important component to a healthy diet, but what about for sport? There's one we all agree is king, and we choose to focus on it, but how much and why is what makes us unique. 

Carbs are our brain and muscle's go-to fuel source. They provide us with useful calories to keep us moving. So how did we get long-lasting energy from quick-acting ingredients without the sweetness?

Have you ever had that sloshy feeling during exercise? That is osmolality gone wrong. We will describe how we do it right.

The Case for Calories
Add calories to burn calories? Maybe. Find out how more calories can be good and may even be able to help you achieve your goals.

Stick with us and you will not only understand what goes into SWORD®, but you will learn about your body, how it works and how SWORD® can help you push your boundaries.

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