Purpose Built


Here at Sword Performance, everything we do is with a purpose. That’s why we are proud to promote our newest partner: Street2Life Print Shop



Street2Life gives back to their community in Denver, Colorado by offering a six-month transitional employment program to individuals overcoming homelessness, incarceration, and addiction. This second-chance program not only offers job training and vocational coaching, but also assistance in navigating resources such as housing, resume-building, and supported job search services. 100% of Street2Life’s proceeds fund employment and training opportunities for these individuals who are working to make positive changes in their lives.



Our first project with Street2Life is a pair of T-shirts you'll be happy to wear. These shirts are American Apparel tri-blend Tees which are manufactured in the USA, and printed by Street2Life in Denver, CO. They are "soft as butter," according to Nick, who helped to print them. "The nicest shirts we’ve ever printed."

About our Hero T-Shirt

Our hydration products are proudly made in America and are purpose built to help you #pushyourboundaries, to constantly strive to beat your best, to learn new skills, to take pride in the work that you do and to excel at whatever that is. The people at Street2Life share in the belief that the tireless effort towards growth is worthwhile and show that purpose is the difference between setting a record and being remembered.

Our shared purpose is to improve the lives of our communities - whether that be athletic, industrial, or our neighbors. We believe that pushing to make things better today than they were yesterday is heroic.

They are our heroes for their work. So are you, for being the best at your work. We call this shirt the Hero because it is a celebration of our heroes, printed by our heroes and with the hope that you, our hero, will wear it.



The Hero features our logo proudly across the chest and our Made in America droplet on the sleeve.

Support America and shop local.
Our exclusive Street2Life t-shirts are available in the accessories section on our store
. #everythingwithapurpose

Learn more about Street2Life.

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