Healthy Hydration is Drinkable PPE®

Gear. No matter who you are, no matter what you do, everyone has gear that they rely on to get them through the task at hand.

Whether you're a runner chasing down the perfect pair of shoes, a cyclist racing for the fastest bike, or grabbing a hard hat and safety glasses as you head into work, there's no doubt that gear plays an important role in helping us reach our goals.

PPE. Thanks to the recent pandemic, the term "PPE" is now part of our everyday language. "Personal protective equipment" has previously been limited to equipment, or gear, that keeps you safer on the job. But now, everyone has become familiar with PPE – masks, gloves, shoe covers, face shields – just to get through their daily lives. 

But what about what's in your water bottle?  

Turns out, what you're drinking is as important as the right shoe or proper head wear.

That's why we've taken a new approach to hydration: Drinkable PPE®. There are helmets and hard hats to protect the head, gloves to protect the hands, and special footwear to protect the feet. Why not apply the same logito protecting the inside of your body? After all, hydration is vital to keeping your body working optimally.

Did you know that thirst is a symptom? Being thirsty means you're already experiencing dehydration and/or heat stress. We believe in a proactive approach: consume fluids to keep hydrated and avoid thirst, dehydration, and fatigue. Just like you know how many hours of sleep you need to feel your best, adequate healthy hydration should be a large component of our daily lives.

Here at Sword Performance, we believe hydration is important for everyone. Whether you're watching from the stands, playing on the field, driving home from work or shoveling gravel  – everyone needs to stay hydrated to stay protected.

Being hydrated helps maintain and improve: 

  • Mental clarity – no brain fog 
  • Endurance – delayed physical and mental fatigue 
  • Motor control skills – no shaky hands or loss of grip due to fatigue 
  • Muscular strength – avoid cramping 

Our products were designed to help maintain hydration, using all-natural ingredients that serve a specific purpose in your body. Whether you're sweating and working hard or just need something to wet your whistle, Sword Performance has you covered.  

Stay safe and stay hydrated with our Drinkable PPE™.

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