Our Story

For years, we've worked professionally with incredible men and women who push the limits of their bodies for the love of their sport. Experiencing those limits first-hand identified areas for improvement. Our training and education gave us the know-how to make a difference. But it was our passion for athletic performance that pushed us to create.
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The creation of SWORD® follows the classic example of teacher and student: Dr. Scott Black, M.D. met medical school student, Dr. Shawn Stasko, Ph.D., on an unrelated research project at the University of Kentucky. Scott and Shawn found common ground surrounding the state of sports drinks and how hard work hydration could be improved.  Pouring 2 years of blood, sweat, and tears into R&D, our founders tested the original formula of SWORD® on themselves and other willing participants in the athletic community, from professional triathletes to firefighters.

We believe hydration and fuel plays a critical role in maintaining steady energy for our muscles and a clear mind with focus in our brains. Modern medicine and scientific research support our beliefs, and the use of our unique products in all types of hard work over the past 6 years are the proof.

Traditional sports drinks and water just don't cut it when it comes to improving your performance with hydration. Accepting excess physical fatigue and muscle cramps as you work hard has become the norm, with no real solution in sight... until now. 

Each ingredient's source, concentration, and performance contribution were carefully selected and tested.  Nothing extra - everything with a purpose.