We make hydration products that work. Like, actually work.

Hydration is about more than just good flavor - it's also about feeling good and getting it done.
That's why we use clean, simple ingredients that are scientifically proven to be gentle on the stomach and rehydrate you faster than water alone.

So stay hydrated and do your thing.


It started with Cancer.

Sword Performance co-founders, Dr. Shawn Stasko, Ph.D, and Dr. Scott Black, M.D., were partners in a research study exploring how to fight fatigue experienced by cancer patients. By understanding how the body works, what it needs and when, they found an effective way to combat fatigue through hydration and innovative fuel.

As amateur athletes outside of work, Shawn and Scott devoted themselves to perfecting their electrolyte hydration formula and bringing the benefits of healthy hydration to everyone.

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After countless hours in Scott's kitchen, 7 burnt-out stand mixers, and a house coated in fine powder, they finally cracked the code: Great tasting, effective hydration made from clean, simple ingredients and nothing extra or artificial.

We are proud to offer healthy hydration: SWORD® and SHIELD®. Two different hydration lines to provide exactly what the body needs to replenish and refuel, at work, in sport, or anywhere life takes you.


The Best Hydration from the Best Team.

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Robyn Zlotkin

Robyn Zlotkin


Robyn Zlotkin

Dr. Shawn Stasko, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer