CEO's Written Article on Heat Stress is Published in the International Journal of Bioinformatics and Biosciences

Darin Dillow, CEO of Sword Performance, continues to demonstrate his commitment to improving the overall health & hydration of Industrial Workers by writing an article on Heat Stress

Darin Dillow, CEO

Lexington, KY, Mar 31, 2022 – The International Journal on Bioinformatics & Biosciences (IJBB) Vol 12, No.1, March 2022 published an article titled: "Understanding the Current Heat Stress Initiative and its Impact on the Workforce" by authors Darin M. Dillow and Tyler Asher, MD Capitol Technical University, USA

Following the wake of the publication announcement, Darin said: “After being in safety and operations for over twenty years, I have realized there are very passionate and knowledgeable people in tough positions. We tend to always look at the outer side from a safety standpoint, steel toe boots, hard hats, safety glasses, etc. However, I realized that I often overlooked the importance of starting right, which begins with healthy hydration. Accidents are often caused by underlying conditions that aren't seen visually. We need to start taking a hard look at how our hydration plans affect employees' overall health and reduce the risks of serious injuries from accidents.”

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Understanding the Current Heat Stress Initiative and its Impact on the Workforce

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