"Doing five sports in one day places numerous unique demands on my body. For every pentathlon, every training session, and every glorious recovery day, Sword is my go-to source for both my fuel and hydration needs. Without fail.”

Lauren Nethery
Team USA Olympic Pentathlon 


"The first year we carried the Sword single packet in our store, it outsold every other product we carry in terms of units sold. That speaks for itself."

Pedal the Planet
Lexington, Kentucky

“I’ve seen tremendous results with my high school student athletes during both practice and particularly in competition. This change in athlete performance has really impacted the way the boosters and administration of my school see Sword. Everyone now considers it an essential component to the entire athletic department.” 

Jennifer Williams
Head Athletic Trainer

"I've been using Sword exclusively for over two years now. Imagine a sports drink that actually replaces all of the salt you lose in sweat and still tastes great. There's nothing on the market like it.”

Kevin Ryan
USAT Triathlon Professional

“Sword surpassed my expectations. Despite a heavy training day of cycling in high heat and humidity, I felt great. I didn’t cramp and I didn’t bonk."

George Garrow
Physician / Cyclist / Triathlete

"As a Kentucky National Guard Runner, high school track coach, and active runner in the community, I am constantly looking for clean products that allow for optimal performance for both me and my athletes. Sword is a great way to connect the past and present National Guard teams. This is just another validation of the great work produced by Kentucky National Guard members."

Varinka Barbini Ensminger
All Guard Marathon Team Athlete, HS Track & Field Coach, Team Hoyt Marathon Coach