Hydration With Purpose

Sword Performance was founded to bring great-tasting, purpose-driven hydration products to hard working men and women every where. "Sports drinks" and other electrolyte replacement products just don't cut it when it comes to truly improving human performance and doing so by working with human physiology instead of against it. Chances are you're dehydrated right now and heat and fatigue-related injuries occur on a daily basis. Accepting that excess fatigue and muscle cramps on the sideline occurs and workers overheating on the job has become the norm with no real solution in sight. Until now. 

Our Products 

Sword Performance Hydration Products

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Performance Electrolyte Hydration

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Our flagship formula built on the science behind hard work and improving human performance with body fluid maintenance techniques in the heat. SWORD® is a refreshing hypotonic electrolyte beverage with a small natural ingredient list but packed with big performance. 

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SHIELD | Always on Hydration

Always on Hydration 

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SHIELD is for people who demand better baseline hydration for their body. Formulated with simple all-natural ingredients, SHIELD is a low-calorie electrolyte beverage that is light, easy to drink, and has bold fruit flavors. Designed for anytime thirst to help protect the body from dehydration, it is your always on hydration solution to quench thirst and push your boundaries!
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Our Story

From stadium lights to job sites, here you can find people who work hard towards their goals. Push their boundaries. Find what they're made of and push past it. We believe hydration and fuel plays a critical role in maintaining steady energy for our muscles and a clear mind with focus in our brains. Modern medicine and scientific research support our beliefs, and the use of our unique products in all types of hard work over the past 6 years are proof.

Our Founders

We tested each version ourselves, then with our friends - from professional triathletes to firefighters. We spent over 18 months refining each ingredient's source, concentration, and performance contribution. Finally, we achieved a product to be proud of: products that enable people to work harder, longer.  

 If you're eager to push your boundaries, then Sword Performance is for you.

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