To swim a mile in a pool you must touch the wall 66 times. 66 difficult decisions. 66 opportunities to stop. Maybe you are hurting. Maybe you just need to get back to your day. But, you don't stop. Because you aren't that sort of person.

Whether you're sprinting to the finish,

Staying competitive through the final set,

Or reaching that mountain top, 

Two young women hiking and helping climb a rock with SWORD Endurance

you rely on endurance.


Whatever the activity, you want to do what you love longer, stronger, and with more energy. So, we create natural, easy ways to increase your endurance.


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The Endurance Sports Drink

SWORD Endurance | 20 ounce ready to drink bottles

Long lasting and fast acting fuel from a unique blend of starch and real fruit, proven to naturally increase your endurance. Low in sugar and high in electrolytes, SWORD® ENDURANCE contains no caffeine, no artificial sweeteners, and no artificial colors. It's easy to drink and gentle on your stomach. Best of all, it's light not-to-sweet flavors taste like real fruit, because it actually is!


Available in single-use pouches and multi-use bags!

Plus find our ready-to-drink bottles in select local retailers.

It started in our kitchen, with a mixer and an idea.

Using real ingredients, we combined what's found in nature with decades of sport-science research to improve endurance.

We're Endurance Experts.

We tested each version ourselves, then with our friends - from professional triathletes to firefighters.
We spent over 18 months refining each ingredient's source, concentration, and performance contribution. Finally, we achieved a product to be proud of: a product that enables people to work harder, longer.  

 If you're eager to push your boundaries, then Sword is for you.
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