What's In Season? Winter Superfoods

Every quarter, a seasonal produce guide will be provided that includes common fruits and vegetables. Each one is colored to describe how it benefits the body.  As the saying goes, “eating the rainbow” is vital to how your body functions. To maximize your highest level of energy and efficiency, it is crucial to have a colorful plate everyday.

Eating produce in season improves the flavor, increased nutrient density, and contains higher levels of antioxidants.  A main perk of seasonal foods is they are going to be cheaper because of simple supply and demand. Seasonal products will grow in abundance, therefore they will be cheaper to purchase. I encourage you to purchase seasonal produce from your local farmer’s market to support locally grown produce.  You really can’t beat a fresh tomato or apple! Scrumptious.

Below you will find five different recipes (Vegetable Stew, Winter Salad, Brussel Sprouts, Black Bean Chili, and Kale Chips) that you can incorporate in your meal planning for this winter. These recipes vary from side dishes to main dishes.  It will include many different winter vegetables to maximize the flavor, nutrients and cost. I challenge you to try out a new dish this week… what will it be?

Winter Chickpea Stew

We would love to hear about your experience with these recipes along with any other recipes that you use to incorporate winter produce. other recipes that include winter produce. Share them with us using #swordrecipes  

Enjoy and Savor the Flavor!

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