SWORD® Endurance XL Bag

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30 days, 30 servings. Own your next month of workouts with Sword.

SWORD combines the hydration and fuel you need into one product. This powered drink mix provides a blend of time-release carbohydrate fuel for sustained energy and improves hydration using an industry-first sodium electrolyte only combination. With 6 simple and naturally sourced ingredients, Sword ensures smooth absorption from real fruit flavors that are light and specifically designed for the working athlete's taste buds. 

30 Serving XL Bag
This special size of our Endurance Drink Mix comes in a larger bag with FREE SHIPPING so you can own your next month of workouts. Single serving scoop inside, a zip-lock seal top, and high quality hand-crafted bags by our founders themselves, this is what you've been waiting for. Grab a bag before their sold out!   

To mix: Fill a bottle with 10oz of water (or about half way). Drop one level scoop into the container and shake for 20 seconds. Add remaining 10oz water and ice or refrigerate to chill if desired.

To use: Listen to your thirst. Consume as needed over 1 hour of hard work, and repeat over 4 hours of continuous exercise. 

Forget Sugary Sports Drinks

The simple solution for hydration and fuel is here.

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