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SWORD®, Performance Electrolyte Powder Packs

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Take Your Performance Edge Anywhere!

SWORD® is your performance edge. Designed as an all-natural training and competition fuel, our drink mixes have proven to power athletes through their hardest workouts. Conveniently packed in our single-use pouches, now you can take these with you anywhere! Lightweight, waterproof, and easy to tear open, each pouch mixes with 20 ounces of water to deliver a full strength serving to support one-hour of hard work! 

How does it work?
SWORD® uses a unique combination of plant-based starch and real fruit combinations to deliver a steady release of fuel to your brain and muscles for one-hour. Unlike most gels, big-Ade sports drinks, and other hydration drink mixes, we don't rely on processed sugar to give you energy. Instead, we use naturally occurring fuel sources from fruits and plants that our bodies know how to process easily over time. The results is a full carbohydrate calorie fuel source that's super-easy on your stomach, long-lasting, and actually tastes like real fruit, because hey, you're actually drinking them!

But what about hydration?
Oh yes, we've got your electrolytes, lots of them. Actually SWORD® only contains sodium electrolytes because when you look at the composition of sweat we lose, over 90% of those electrolytes lost are sodium! We take it a step further with our natural sodium electrolyte sources and give you 470mg per serving - enough to eliminate the need for additional salt tablets or other drink additives during exercise. Our founders identified that with amount of sodium-only electrolyte in our drink mix, we can selectively target hydration to your blood-volume, where you as an athlete need it most. This way we can limit fluid shifts, more efficiently move oxygen/CO2, and provide powerful muscle-cramp protection.
If you'd like to learn more about our sodium electrolyte profile, check out this blog here.

About our fruit flavors

+ Ginger Citrus 
Our original flavor created with real lemons, limes, and ginger root. Designed specifically to calm an upset stomach, this tart and unique flavor is a favorite for ultra-distance athletes.   
+ Berry
A pleasant combination of real raspberries and strawberries creates smiles for those who prefer a sweeter flavor. Never too sweet or overpowering, Berry is the favorite for those athletes who might be more used to the big Ade's.   
+ Orange
Imagine biting into a freshly picked orange. The crisp tang tingles your tastebuds, igniting the iconic citrus profiles. Our new blend of Mandarin oranges and tangerines uses the real fruits and pulp to capture that flavor you crave.  
+ Apple
Specifically created for fall, a balanced combination of Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples tastes just like biting into the real fruit. Picked with fresh, locally grown fruit, our 2016 Apple flavor sent shockwaves through the industry selling through all stock in just a few days. We've scaled our production capacity and now offer the same flavor year-round.
Extra Info


Serving Size: 1 pack when mixed with 20 ounces of water 
Calories: 140
Total Fat: 0 g
Sodium: 470 mg
Total Carbohydrates: 37 g
Sugars: 14 g
Protein: 0 g

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Fructose, Citric Acid, Salt, Sodium Citrate, Natural Flavors

+ All natural ingredients. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
+ Certified PED-free by our Clean Confidence Program
+ Certified gluten-free and vegan-friendly

To use add one pack in 20 fl oz. of water and shake. As a starting point, drink one serving for every hour of exercise. 

Need more calories per hour? Try adding 1.5 or 2x pouches per 20 fl oz. to increase caloric intake without adding additional calorie sources.

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