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SWORD® Endurance, 4-Pack Sampler

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Experience Endurance Like Never Before.

SWORD® Endurance is your new edge. Proven to help power through your hardest workouts, here is your chance to try each of our flavors at a special introductory price. Each pouch contains enough fuel and fluid balance support to sustain hard work for one hour.  Bring it in your water bottle to the gym, at the track, or on your long ride. Anywhere you intend to push your exercise boundaries, SWORD® Endurance will be there to support.

Flavors Included:
+ Ginger Citrus 
Our original flavor created with real lemons, limes, and ginger root. Designed specifically to calm an upset stomach, this tart and unique flavor is a favorite for ultra-distance athletes.   
+ Berry
A pleasant combination of real raspberries and strawberries creates smiles for those who prefer a sweeter flavor. Never too sweet or overpowering, Berry is the favorite for those athletes who might be more used to the Ade's.   
+ Orange
Imagine biting into a freshly picked orange. The crisp tang tingles your tastebuds, igniting the iconic citrus profiles. Our new blend of Mandarin oranges and tangerines uses the real fruits and pulp to capture that flavor you crave.  
+ Apple
Specifically created for fall, a balanced combination of Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples tastes just like biting into the real fruit. Picked with fresh, locally grown fruit, our 2016 Apple flavor sent shockwaves through the industry selling through all stock in just a few days. We've scaled our production capacity and now offer the same flavor year-round.

+ Sustains energy to maximize endurance and delay fatigue
+ Improves fluid balance to avoid muscle cramps and maintain mental clarity
+ Avoids an upset stomach with light, water-like fruit flavors
+ All natural ingredients. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
+ Certified PED-free by our Clean Confidence Program
+ Certified gluten-free and vegan-friendly

How to use: For each hour of hard work, dissolve 1 pouch in 20 oz water and drink throughout your workout.
+ For exercises 0-60 minutes, start drinking Endurance 10 minutes prior to workout
+ For exercises 60+ minutes, drink Endurance for each hour of hard work. Need more calories? Try adding 1.5x or 2x the concentration to dial in the desired caloric content for your sport specific demands. 

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