SWORD® Endurance

SWORD Endurance , bottled 20 oz sports drink

We created SWORD® Endurance as two doctors and athletes searching for a better way to get our electrolytes and fuel on the go. We've tried countless combinations of sports drinks, gels, and food to dial-in a hydration and fuel strategy during exercise, but found no combination worked well for all athletes. Whether they were too sweet, didn't contain enough of ingredient(s), or just tasted unnatural in general, we knew there had to be a better way. Given our education and professional experience working with athletes, we were uniquely qualified to develop the solution. For years we scoured the scientific literature, tested basic formulations, and locally sourced raw ingredients until we had something. Something simple. Something better.

SWORD Endurance, the sports drink for the elite

Don’t get the wrong idea, though. We weren’t in the lab mixing chemicals over beakers. We were in our kitchens armed with mixing spoons and a blender using real ingredients.

For years we tested it on ourselves and our friends – from firefighters to professional triathletes – until we got it right. We had one goal: Create one product powerful enough to provide the fuel and hydration required to sustain even the most demanding athlete's nutritional needs. Now after 4 years of SWORD®'s public availability, we're proud to fuel the elite, and we look forward to a chance to prove the difference to you.  

Have questions? We (and our team) are here to help you integrate SWORD® Endurance into your personal routine, so don't hesitate to message us on any of our social media platforms. To learn more you can check out our Sword 101 series and listen to us live on the Heartland Runner Podcast. Afterwards, if you still have any questions, please reach out.