Our Story

We founded Sword Performance solely with the needs of athletes in mind. 

For years we've worked professionally with incredible men and women who push the limits of their human body for the love of their sport. Experiencing those limits first-hand identified areas for improvement. Our training and education gave us the know-how to make a difference. But it was our passion for athletic performance that pushed us to create.
Our original Endurance drink mix formulation didn't happen in a laboratory - we were in our own kitchen armed with mixing spoons and a blender. Using real ingredients, we used what nature has to offer to give the exercising human body what it needs. We tested each version ourselves, then with our friends who eagerly awaited new batches on our back porch on the weekends. From professional triathletes to firefighters, over 18 months we spent refining each ingredient's source, concentration, and performance contribution. After all the testing and numerous blenders later, we achieved a product to be proud of. A drink mix that enables athletes to work harder for longer, improving their performance.   

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We innovate, not imitate, and only release a product when it exceeds both our own internal standards and those of an athlete. If you work hard and want to improve your performance, then Sword is for you.
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