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Q: What is SWORD® Endurance?

A: SWORD® is a natural drink mix designed to increase your endurance during exercise. It’s a powder that you mix in 20 ounces of water that is used to rehydrate and deliver sustainable sports fuel for each hour of any strenuous activity.

Q: What will SWORD® do for me?

A: SWORD® is built to improve all aspects of your endurance during strenuous activity. Consuming SWORD® just prior and throughout this exercise will delay your feelings of fatigue and increase your stamina. It has two types of natural energy sources: a starch and a sugar. This combination is proven to act quickly and last for a long time. SWORD® will also greatly improve your level of hydration using a carefully chosen blend of sodium electrolytes. The water you mix with SWORD® is driven into the body’s bloodstream while the sodium electrolyte blend promotes improved fluid retention in the circulation. This combination of water and sodium improves your hydration status during exercise.


Q: So what does SWORD® taste like?

A: All of SWORD®'s flavors have a light, crisp, natural flavor from the real fruit and plant combinations used to create it. This light flavor is on purpose and built to work with an exercising body’s taste buds which change their sensitivity with exercise. For example, have you ever wondered why that drink tastes great at rest, but when sweating and working hard, it might be too sweet or too strong of a flavor? That's your taste buds and how they work during exercise doing their job; we know how they work, and designed all of our flavors according to them. SWORD® is not too sweet, and actively avoids any upset stomach by having a very low osmolality. This ensures quick fluid movement away from your digestive organs and into the bloodstream where it can go to benefit the hard working brain and muscles.


Q: Whoa, when I mix SWORD® why is it completely clear?

A: No need to be alarmed, SWORD® is a natural drink mix and your body has to work harder to deal with fluids that contain added colors. Why make your body work harder than you are already during exercise ? SWORD® does not contain any artificial or natural coloring ingredients, preservatives, added artificial or natural sweeteners, and is Vegan-friendly and Gluten-Free!


Q: What is SWORD® - The Endurance Drink Mix made of?

A: SWORD® is composed of 6 natural ingredients: Maltodextrin, Fructose, Citric Acid, Salt, Sodium Citrate, and Natural Flavors. The formula consists of 3 general components; carbohydrate fuel, sodium electrolytes, and natural fruit flavor. Compare us to the ingredient listings on the big commercial sport drink brands and I bet you’ll be pretty surprised by what you are NOT putting in your body when you drink Sword.


Q: How long will SWORD® stay fresh?

A: SWORD® does not contain any preservatives. This makes its shelf-life (18 months) a bit shorter than those funky-colored sugar drinks. Our best recommendation is to keep the mix stored in a cool, dry place in its original packaging or a zippered plastic bag if you’re looking to transport. Once added to water, Sword packs its potent punch for about a day, but if it’s mixed and then kept in the fridge, can be good for up to 3 days.



Q: Who created SWORD® - The Endurance Drink Mix?

A: Sword Performance Products was founded by two doctors, Scott and Shawn, who were tired of the overwhelming and often useless sports nutrition product market. With years of personal and professional nutritional coaching and athletic experience, it was clear that some real simplification in this industry was needed for athletes of all kinds. Their first product, SWORD® - The Endurance Drink Mix, was initially formulated in their home kitchen after numerous personal experiences and professional requests from athletes for a simpler way to rehydrate and fuel with one easy to use product. With over a year of intial formulation testing, adjustment, and real world performance analysis, Scott and Shawn gradually refined the formula until the product as it is available to you today.  


Q: Why did they create SWORD® ?

A: Scott and Shawn were frustrated with the overly sweet taste, lackluster endurance, and unnatural sources of ingredients available in many of the current sport hydration and fuel products. In addition, a simpler product could be created to provide an athlete both the hydration and fuel they need from one, easy to use product.



Q: How do I use SWORD® during a workout?

A: SWORD® is best used shortly before and then throughout the duration of your exercise. The creators recommend drinking about 4-6 ounces of SWORD® 15-minutes before the start of your activity. Then, drink to thirst.


Q: How much SWORD® should I drink during exercise?

A: In general, we recommend consuming one 20-ounce serving of SWORD® per hour of strenuous activity. This ratio can vary by individual however, and we encourage you to always drink to your personal thirst. The amount of fluid you require will depend on not only the conditions (like temperature and humidity) but also length and intensity (how long, how hard, and how far) you push yourself through. One easy way to check if you’re drinking enough is to weigh yourself before and after a workout. If you’re losing more than 3% loss in total body weight, your performance is almost certainly suffering and you probably need to increase your fluid intake.


Q: Can SWORD® be mixed to different concentrations?

A: Yes. Many athletes have shown that SWORD® can be mixed anywhere between half strength all the way to double strength in 20 ounces and still taste great with a happy stomach. Because SWORD® provides 140 calories and 470 mg of sodium in one 20-ounce serving, it can be applied to meet the needs of athletes who require a specific nutritional regimen for their sport-specific applications. When adjusting the strength of SWORD® to your nutritional regimen, we encourage you to do so on training days and listen to your body.

Q: I’ve heard SWORD® helps stop muscle cramps? Really?

A: Yes, we’ve experienced it ourselves, and hear from individual people, athletes, and medical and athletic professional community on a regular basis. The reason why muscle cramps occur during exercise has been a hot topic of debate in the scientific research community for well over 3 decades now, and has yet to come to a concise answer. The three major theories behind why a muscle cramps are due to muscle fatigue, an electrolyte imbalance, and dehydration. We believe the formulation of SWORD® attacks all three of these theories.


Q: Why is SWORD® a better choice than the big sports drinks on TV?

A: SWORD® is a natural product unlike those other brands. Your body simply doesn’t need artificial colors and flavors. SWORD® will stay with you longer and you won’t get the sugar spike and crash that can occur with other sports drinks. You will also get less stomach distress as SWORD® is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream due to its low osmolality.


Q: Is SWORD® for endurance athletes only, or can it help team sport athletes playing football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, etc.?

A: SWORD® is effective whenever the body is working hard. It was originally built for endurance athletes like distance runners, cyclists, and triathletes. However, as we’ve gained more experience with the product, we’ve found that it also increases the performance of athletes in all sports: football, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, ice and field hockey, tennis, weight lifting, etc.


Q: What's the best way to mix SWORD®?

A: We’ve found the best way to mix without any clumping and completely clear is first to put ~10 ounces of water into your container first. Next, add your desired amount of powder, and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Finally, add the remaining 10 ounces of water to your container. If you’d like to add ice to chill your drink, now is the time to add, or you can always put SWORD® in the refrigerator to cool if you have time.  


Q: Can I get SWORD® automatically shipped to me on a monthly basis?

A: Yes! SWORD® is available on a subscription basis for your convenience and is available at a 5% discount when purchased on a subscription service. See the shopping area of our website for details.


Q: Does Sword Performance Products sponsor athletes?

A: Yes.Sword Performance Products sponsors a small number of athletes every year at the Olympic, professional and amateur level. Additionally, we have a brand ambassador program open to all levels and discipline of sport. Typically we begin accepting applications for full sponsorship the following year in the fall, but will evaluate brand ambassador applications on an on-going basis.  If you are looking for a nutrition sponsor, contact us with your competition resume at



Q: Where can I buy SWORD®?

A: SWORD® is available to buy on our website, Look for it at your local running, bike, swimming, or triathlon store. If they don’t carry it, feel free to contact us.

Outside of the US? We expect to be distributing in Europe in the near future, Visit our website for future announcements regarding international availability.


Q: Does SWORD® have a brand ambassador program?

A: Yes, we have a select number of brand ambassadors at both the pro and amateur level. Please email us at if you are interested.