Searching for that boost of energy but don't want the upset stomach, jitters, or artificial ingredients?

You've come to the right place.

For generations, coffee has been the go-to method to stay awake and boost productivity.
Here at Sword Performance, we've isolated the hard working parts of coffee and made them faster-acting, easier to use, and highly transportable for sustained energy in any situation. 
Sword Energy Tablets Buy Now

Nutritional Information

+ Chewable tablets (size of a dime)
+ Packaged in quick-tear pouches for use on-the-go
+ 5-calories and sugar-free
+ No B-vitamins, Taurine, Guanine, or Niacin.
Energy Tablets


Small doses of potent caffeine packed into unique, quick-dissolving chewable tablets. Chew them up or let them dissolve on your tongue, they'll absorb in your mouth.
No upset stomach, no jittery spike and crash feelings, and great tasting flavors from real fruits.
Sustainable energy means one thing: it's always too early to quit.

Available in two flavors:
Berry (raspberry & strawberry)
Mint (spearmint)

    Sword Energy Tablets Buy Now

     Five serving pouches per box

    How to Use

    Before Exercise: Consume one serving 15 minutes before exercise to push through fatigue. 
    During Exercise: Consume one serving (2 tablets) at the sensation of fatigue. 
    Do not exceed more than 4 servings in a 24 hour period.  

    Customized Caffeine Plan for Maximum Performance
    To create your own customized caffeine usage plan, we recommend starting with 1 mg - 1.5 mg of caffeine per pound of body weight.
    For more advanced users, 3 mg of caffeine per pound of body weight has been shown to increase performance,
    but varies on your current caffeine use, intake timing, and relative sensitivity.
    Why Caffeine?
    Caffeine has been actively researched since the 1970's. Moderate doses are proven to have demonstrable effects on performance, improving alertness, mood, and cognitive processes during and after exercise. While energy drinks and shots sound exciting, we've chosen to focus on the safe, well-researched active ingredient that is the business end of all the others.
    Keep it safe and simple, get the energy you want in a convenient form, and get back to work. 

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    Sword Energy Tablets Buy Now