The Jordan Hasay Collection

The Jordan Hasay Collection

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You know the braids. You've see the performance. Now you can fuel like America's Top Marathoner with The Jordan Hasay Collection. 

Ask Jordan about Sword and she'll tell you that she's all in. She swears by Berry and Orange Sword Endurance, which she mixes to 1.5 concentration. Combine that with the Berry Energy Tabs for that extra kick down the stretch, and she's unstoppable.

But like Jordan, we're not stopping there. Grab the collection now and get an authentically autographed special edition bottle, signed by Jordan herself at the Boston Marathon! This bottle is sure to perform. Wrapped in our iconic Identity design with her iconic 'runner girl' silhouette, this 22oz Purist bottle by Specialized® features their new Fixy top. No push or pull required, just simply aim and squeeze.

With Sword, Jordan Hasay is race-ready. Are you?

*Available while supplies last! 

+ Special Edition AUTOGRAPHED Jordan Hasay 22oz. Purist bottle
+ 1 Berry Sword Energy Tabs

+ 2 Berry Sword Endurance Single Use Pouches
+ 2 Orange Sword Endurance Single Use Pouches



+ Soft and squeezable 22 oz. Purist Specialized® Custom bottle
+ Jordan Hasay Limited Edition
+ White Fixy Cap for a one-way fluid flow with no push or pull required

+ Purist material technology to shield your bottle from residue build up.
+ BPA-free plastic made from 100% FDA food-grade materials
+ Iconic Sword Performance Identity fingerprint graphics

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