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The Sword Select Ambassadors Program was created in 2017 as a way to support people who exemplify what we stand for: "For those who work hard. Endure. Who believe they are capable of more."

We believe each of us has limits, but more importantly, an even stronger capability to overcome these limits. A Sword Select athlete is someone who has pushed their boundaries, and with the help Sword, has shown that they are capable of more.

Is the Sword Select Program right for me? 

Do you...?

- Live an active lifestyle and challenge yourself mentally and physically?
- Use Sword Performance products to push your boundaries?
- Want to share your experience with the Sword brand with your community?

If you answered 'yes' to the three questions, then apply below.

See the Sword Select in action!
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+ Exclusive discounts on Sword Performance products
+ First access to official Sword competition gear
+ Entrance into the Sword online community to discuss training tips, race and competition strategies, upcoming events, and more!


+ Be active. A Sword Select athlete is present, vocal, and engaged with their community. 
+ Stay connected.  Be highly interactive with your communication platforms (email, social media, etc.).
+ Use Sword. A Sword Select athlete has Sword Performance products on hand and gives others a chance to experience the brand through shared stories and their unique friends & family discount code.  

Additional Details

- Application deadline is Friday, January 26th, 2018.
- Valid United States address is required. 
- If you are applying on behalf of a team, please contact us directly with team information




Jordan Hasay | Sword Elite Athlete


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For some athletes, pushing physical boundaries is their profession. We offer sponsorship opportunities in our Sword Elite Athlete program. You can learn about our current Elite athletes by clicking here. If you'd like to apply, either fill out our Select application, or email us with your race resume and athlete bio information to

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