Emily Gimm: Director of Athletic Relations

/ Sword Performance

Emily comes to Sword as our Dietitian and Director of Athletic Relations. You can find her ongoing body of work on our nutrition series blog and she serves as our point person for our athletic program relationships. She received a bachelor's degree in hospitality management and dietetics from Western Kentucky University.  She then went on to complete a dietetic internship at IUPUI in Indianapolis and a master's degree in health promotion at the University of Kentucky. She's a fiery female with a contagious personality, so let's learn a little more about her!

Tell us about your food philosophy.

I do not classify any foods to be unhealthy vs. healthy.  All foods have an opportunity to be consumed, but it is important to understand what foods are valuable for our bodies and which are considered “play” foods.  When we think about the words healthy and unhealthy, foods easily become picked apart and are no longer looked at as a whole.  It can become stressful to have a positive relationship with food to truly understand how to nourish your own body.  Try to think about the foods you can add into your diet rather than taking them away. When you think about all the opportunities to try and have new foods, then the focus doesn’t come on as “Oh great, I can never have XYZ again”.  As Nancy Clark says, “Food restriction creates food interest.”  It is important to learn how to prepare meals, practice mealtimes, and be intentional about choosing foods that will nourish you. After all, it is the only place that we have to live.

What's your history in sports?

That's easy. I've essentially lived in a pool my entire life. Both of my older siblings were swimmers, so naturally I too was a swimmer but also took a risk and learned how to dive. I started diving year-round at age 6 and had enough loose screws to be thirsty to learn more. I went from a 'walk-on' to a scholarship athlete at Western Kentucky University where I dove competitively at the Division I level.  

In the summers of my college years, I was an aquatic acrobat at Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN.  Post college, I started running half marathons, cycling, and swimming in the Masters clubs. I've also raced in a few sprint triathlons as I still have a hunger to compete. I love the community of sports and activities, however I am also an advocate of home workouts-- I believe you can truly get a good workout anywhere!    

What is your athletic highlight?

It was my junior year in college at WKU, and I was seated fourth going into finals for the Sunbelt Conference Springboard 1 Meter Dive. I dove my heart out that evening because I ultimately wanted to help my team secure a win at the conference championship. Coach Powell, my diving coach, congratulated me at the end of the session and I was unsure as to why, but I said thank you and moved on. Only then did I look up in the stands to see my Mom doing cartwheels and my Dad jumping up and down ecstatic! I placed first in the event, and we couldn’t believe it. It was at that moment however that I realized that anyone can do anything they put their mind to. All you have to do is be diligent, dedicated, and believe.

How did you join the Sword team and what excites you about the Sword journey so far?

I was a health educator with our Co-Founder Shawn’s wife in Lexington, KY and we all became friends. Being a dietitian I was attracted to Sword when hearing about the drink mix and how Scott and Shawn combined natural ingredients to work together in the body. As I watched the brand grow and experienced the performance of their products myself, it became clear that Sword was going to make a major impact on the sports world. Once the opportunity became available, I jumped on board with the Sword team and am eager to add to their progress. I’m excited to combine my natural interest in nutrition with my professional training in health education to talk with athletes and coaches. Integrating the Sword product line into their programs is a game-changing opportunity, as I know that their flagship product SWORD® provides an athlete with the right combination of time-release fuel and optimal hydration to improve performance. Honor your body and drink SWORD®.

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