Daniel Hamilton: King of the Ultra Jungle

/ Shawn Stasko

Mowgli, the protagonist from  Rudyard Kipling's 'The Jungle Book', could run forever. With each step he bounced effortlessly through the treacherous Madhya Pradesh jungle never tiring. He is the perfect fictional example of an ultra distance trail runner. Now the funny thing is, an incredible runner like Mowgli exists, but he's not in the jungles of India. He lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee and works as an XC coach and high school guidance counselor. So who is he? His name is Daniel Hamilton, and he's one of the fastest runners on the US ultra trail circuit.  

Daniel Hamilton: Ultra Trail Runner

Recently we've had the pleasure to work with Daniel and now are proud to provide the extra edge he needs to shred his future competition. After trying nearly everything else, SWORD is his preferred running fuel source and go to endurance hydration drink. As a hypoglycemic athlete, his nutrition is an essential component to his training and race strategy. It was evident the sugary gels, colorful drink mixes, and trendy waffles didn't provide the consistent fuel delivery and electrolyte profile he needed to maintain elite performance. He's tried them all and now with SWORD, he will settle for nothing else.

"SWORD is amazing. Stable blood sugar. No eating. Pretty amazing stuff." - Daniel Hamilton

He prefers Ginger Citrus for the calm stomach on those long runs and Berry for the occasional flavor burst to keep the taste buds happy.

Now I have to say, if you have the chance to meet Daniel at a race, do it. He's absolutely one of a kind and an incredible athlete currently ranked in the top 30 trail runners in the USA. Act fast though, because once the starting gun goes off, good luck catching him.
To learn more about Daniel, here's a little about his upbringing in his own words. He was kind enough to share some personal photos with us and give a snapshot into his unique African upbringing. 

"Growing up in East Africa made my childhood less than conventional."
Daniel Hamilton: Mt. Kilimanjaro base 

"Our house was located at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in Arusha Tanzania. This set me off differently concerning love for the outdoors from an early age."
Daniel Hamilton: Feeding the monkeys

"If you asked people around Chattanooga they would describe me as that kid that loves to run uphill. Probably because I grew up on one of the biggest. After leaving Africa my family and I lived in Western North Carolina right near the Appalachian Trail. Living there and working at Nantahala Outdoor Center only furthered my love for the outdoors."
Daniel Hamilton: Running uphill snowy terrain

"When going to middle school and high school in the Smoky Mountains I found my love for trail running through adventure racing. Running in the mountains even got me a scholarship to run track and XC in college. I was always that runner that could be thrown into any event. I just love running and the people in it's community."
Daniel Hamilton: Trail Running

"If I am not running a race, I am crewing for a friend that does 100 milers or going to meet up runs in the trail community. I just love running and the running community."
Daniel Hamilton: The Love of Running
Daniel has his sights set on some the most competitive ultra's in the US and world for the 2017 season. We look forward to making sure he dominates each and every one. To follow his progress, you can check him out in our Instagram page, and follow along on his personal Instagram and Tumblr blog.

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