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Hello and thank you for choosing to learn more about SWORD®, our endurance drink mix.  

Let's face it, scientists tend to be obsessive by nature. We certainly are, and proud
of it. We started Sword as two doctors and athletes frustrated with the current sports nutrition options. Why wasn't there a simple way to sustain performance during all types of exercise?
For two years we were obsessed to find an answer to this question.
We created the solution.

Don’t get the wrong idea though. We weren’t in the lab
mixing chemicals over beakers. We were in our kitchens armed
with mixing spoons and a blender using real, naturally sourced ingredients.


We mixed, tasted, tested, and remixed the formula.
For years we've conducted trials on ourselves, friends,
and professionals from triathletes to firefighters. 

All the while we were dedicated to include only the ingredients essential to help sustain human performance. Wait, not just dedicated. Let’s face it, we were fanatical.

Today, our ground breaking solution to a simplified nutrition strategy has changed how some of the most elite runners, professional cyclists, triathletes, and endurance athletes sustain their peak performance. Now in its final formula, it's available to you.


Here were some of our considerations when making our SWORD®:

Carbohydrates: The Preferred Energy of the Brain and Working Muscle
An exercising body needs two kinds of fuel; fast acting and sustainable. Our dual carbohydrate blend delivers both to maximize your body's sustained performance.

Sodium: The Main Electrolyte Lost in Sweat.
Sodium, the primary electrolyte lost as you sweat. We put it back from a blend of sources aimed not only to greatly improve your hydration, but also to prevent cramps and improve thermoregulation.

Osmolality: The Rapid Movement from Gut to Bloodstream
You’ve certainly experienced that sloshy feeling in your stomach during exercise. That’s osmolality gone wrong. Your sports drink’s not getting into your bloodstream fast enough. Sword is absorbed quickly and gets right to work.

Taste: Has to be as Good on Mile 3 as on Mile 30.
In order to delay fatigue and improve hydration, the beverage has to taste good when you’re working hard so you want to drink it.  And Sword delivers on taste.

Find out for yourself how SWORD helps you push your boundaries.

Available in single use pouches and multi use bags, in three subtle and satisfying flavors. 

Unlock Your Potential Energy

Clean caffeine perfect for use on the go.

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