Nerves of Steel: The River Gorge Omnium

/ Shawn Stasko

The River Gorge Omnium is held at the crest of Raccoon Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I represented Sword, providing hydration for the participants – cyclists of all ages. This is a series of 3 events that attracts both observers and racers to an absolutely beautiful spot.

"Omnium" is derived from Latin, and it means "of all" or "belonging to all." Historically, the omnium is a multi-discipline event in track cycling, but, in recent years, the road racing cycling community has adopted the term.

The Village Volkswagen River Gorge Omnium consists of a 4-mile time trial up Raccoon Mountain, a downtown 'under the lights' Criterium sprint loop, and a 59-mile road race that winds through the mountains and finishes at the top of Raccoon Mountain. The race drew the most elite cyclists from all over and tested the limits of all categories of riders. 

As a spectator, the Criterium is the most exciting event. Cyclists race around a 1-kilometer closed loop course right in the heart of downtown Chattanooga. Riders generated speeds in excess of 40 miles per hour and wattages over 1500 watts. 90 degree corners taken at over 35 miles per hour on small racing cycling tires tested not only the technology of the bikes, but also the nerves of every rider. 

We delivered over 80 gallons of our Berry and Orange flavors to the participants, who referred to the drink as "our savior."

The event was inspiring, thrilling, and it provided a great opportunity to get the word out. Sword will fuel your performance, under pressure and under time.

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