Introducing Sword 101

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Scientists tend to be obsessive by nature. We certainly are. We blended, mixed, tasted, remixed. We were dedicated to include only the ingredients essential to helping you work harder for longer. Not just dedicated. Let’s face it, we were obsessive.

Over the next few weeks we will be writing a Sword 101 series of blog posts. The goal will be to let you in on our thinking. What did we include in our drink mix and why?

We will get into what makes our mix unique and how taste actually helps it work better for you.

You have probably heard in the media that people are consuming too much sodium. If that is true, why would we purposefully add more?

Carbs have also gotten some negative press lately. Carbohydrates are the source of fuel in our mix. Why add carbs?

Have you ever had that sloshy feeling during exercise? That is osmolality gone wrong. We will describe how we do it right.


Stick with us and you will not only understand what goes into Sword, but you will learn about your body, how it works and how Sword can help you push your limits.

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