Meet Wesley Korir: Boston Marathon Winner and Sword Athlete

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Most of our athletes are regular folks. People balancing life’s demands and trying to be their best. Most have ambitious, but realistic goals. Not many regular folks would consider winning an event like the Boston Marathon a realistic goal.

Wesley Korir is one of our newest athletes. But, he is not regular folk. Wesley is outstanding.

Wesley had a childhood that belongs in myth. He grew up on the western edge of the Great Rift Valley in the foothills of Mount Elgon. He ran five miles each way to school often running home to help during the day. He ran because it was natural. Like breathing. It wasn’t work.

He didn’t run competitively until he came to the US for college. He started running races and just kept winning. He set multiple records at different distances. He was an All-American multiple times.

But, he didn’t really pick up steam until after he left school and found the marathon distance. He entered the Chicago Marathon as an amateur with no experience. He started 5 minutes behind the professionals but still posted the fourth fastest time. He has gone on to win the Los Angeles Marathon twice, finished 2nd in Chicago and has won the Boston Marathon.

That isn’t the stopping point, though. Wesley now splits his time between Kenya and the US. In 2013 he was elected to the Kenyan Parliament to represent his home district. He advocates for education and healthcare for the the children of his district. He is also passionate about the increasing problems with access to clean water: “If you can get water, you get rid of 80 percent of our diseases.”

He is also actively developing young African runners. He often returns to find his bottles empty on their training runs. He looks around to shirks. They were wondering what was in Wesley’s bottle. Maybe that is why he is so fast?

What’s in the bottle isn’t the only reason, but it helps. It is Sword.

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