Rediscovering Sword

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When we think of what Sword stands for, we think about clarity. We think about simplicity and effectiveness. We think about products that do their jobs and get out of the way. We limit ingredients to the essentials, just what you need to work harder for longer.

While it has done a great job helping us get to where we are, we came to the conclusion that our brand design didn’t reflect those values as clearly as it could. We are at a turning point in our company. Now is the time to prepare; similar to how you train with an eye toward your event. We are preparing for our next big growth phase. We needed a partner and a clear vision of where we wanted to go.

We have spent a lot of time with the folks at Bullhorn Creative over the last few months. We talked, they listened. They asked questions, we refined, honed in, pared down. We explained complex scientific concepts until we got to the core of the idea. We have a better idea of where we want to go than ever before. And, now we have a visual identity that conveys who we are. We have a brand that conveys our confidence in the products.

Like our product, the word mark is simple. It is straightforward. We also simplified our color palette. We don’t add artificial colors to our product. We don’t need loud colors to distract from what you are getting – a product as clear as the water we are improving.

The brand launch is coinciding with the launch of our new Orange flavor. We hope you try it and enjoy it as much as we do. Here’s to the next step in the journey.

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