Introducing Orange

/ Sword Performance

Imagine your best vacation. Riding around the Mediterranean. Stopping for espresso on a cliff that overlooks the sea beside a grove of orange trees.

That is what the new flavor tastes like to us. It isn’t the experience itself, but it is what transports us to the memory. We hope when you taste the new Orange SWORD endurance drink mix you will remember your epic trail run, the last miles of your first triathlon, the hill you didn’t think you could climb. And, we hope this contributes to new memories as SWORD helps you push further than you thought possible.

For the last few months we have been doing head to head taste tests on the road at events. We have a few more flavors in queue, but Orange has been the clear favorite. We think it is a great complement to our current lineup.

The Orange drink mix uses the same proven base as the Berry and Citrus with a new flavor profile. It combines mandarin oranges and tangerines to create a lightly sweet and slightly floral citrus fuel.

Remember, this is just the next step. We have big ideas in store.

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