5 Steps to Improved Cycling with Marcos Lazzarotto

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Professional cyclist and Brazilian native Marcos Lazzarotto epitomizes the mantra of "hard work pays off". As a first year member of UCI Contiental Cycling team Lupus Racing, we wanted to hear about his journey to the elite level, and identify ways we could learn from his no frills attitude towards success.

"As a kid growing up in Southern Brazil, riding a bike meant I could explore the world with my friends. My street, my neighborhood, the city, the countryside - eventually the United States and the rest of the world. Over the years, my passion for cycling has gifted me a myriad of amazing experiences. Racing my bicycle feels natural to me because it heightens my senses, allowing me to enjoy the world around me. My life as a cyclist is a white canvas on which I want to paint a picture that can inspire people to lead healthier, happier lives. 
I came to the United States as an exchange student during my senior year in High School in 2007. I spent my first year in America with the Radcliffs who welcomed me as a son in their family and became and introduced me to former Rabobank professional cyclist Wes Seigler. Wes planted a seed in my heart and encouraged me to pursue professional cycling.
The following year I met my wonderful wife Mana Lazzarotto during my first week at the University of Virginia. During the following 4 years, I pursued cycling full time and studied business part time - though I didn't fully acknowledge cycling as my main endeavor at the time. The decision to stay in the United States after graduating was a fairly trivial one. However, pursuing cycling as a career was neither trivial nor a decision I made quickly. Each year I invested a little more energy into the sport, got a little stronger, and each season a little more confident I could race my bike professionally. 
My leap into professional cycling with the Lupus Cycling Team in 2016 is an accomplishment that belongs to my family and friends, coaches and sponsors who have supported me over the last several years. While hard work, consistency and resilience largely determine success in sport, it would be nearly impossible to succeed without a core group of people, a family, who believe in you and WANT you to succeed.  Sword became part of that family last fall after I met Shawn and Lisa at the end of River Gorge Omnium. I rode one of my best races that day to 3rd place overall, but I was hot and dehydrated at the end of the race. I tried Sword was quickly enamored by the excellent fresh taste, simple formula and sound science that backs the mix. My biggest accomplishment that day was not my race finish, but creating a new alliance. 

Cycling is a cut throat sport, and one in which you cannot succeed alone. My advice to anyone who wants to progress in the sport is quite simple - 
1. Work hard.
2. Surround yourself with the best - and ask for their help. 
3. Help others to the best of your ability and build bridges whenever possible. 
4. Constantly challenge the norm, always remain flexible and willing to learn. 
5. Never quit. Winners never quit, and quitters never win. 

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