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A Limited Edition SWORD® Flavor

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Simplify your nutrition

6 natural ingredients for fuel and electrolyte replenishment.

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Sustained Energy
Optimal Hydration

No need for gels, tabs, or bars.

Just 1 bottle per hour of work.

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Delay Fatigue

Utilizing a dual carbohydrate formula (maltodextrin and fructose) to provide sustained energy.

Sword delays the onset of fatigue and maintains mental focus.

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Avoid Upset Stomach

Sword’s osmolality is below that of blood, which means that fluid absorption is maximized.

You will avoid GI distress and an upset stomach.

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Improve Hydration

When you sweat, you primarily lose one electrolyte: sodium. Sword replaces that sodium, inhibiting muscle cramping while aiding in the maintenance of fluid balance and efficient thermoregulation.

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